Should you Trust Netent Slots?

1netentcasino 52 games are just as exciting as all the other Netent Slots. However, players have been raising concerns over the legitimacy of these games since 2017. Some players claim that the Netent slots are rigged because of their experiences. But how accurate are these claims? Does a long losing streak qualify as illegitimacy?

The Argument of Players against Netent

Losing is inevitable in gambling. Sometimes a player might get into a sustained losing streak. It is easy for you to become irrational when this happens. There is a chance that you may not win over 200X in a game for twelve months or lose 370k Sek in one year. However, this does not mean the slots are rigged.

The method of playing slot games differs from playing scratch and table games. Small stakes on Roulette, for instance, may not yield x36. In addition to this, possible wins are known early in advance. Therefore, a player should be well familiar with rules before getting down to business. You should also account for a possible loss.

Myths About Online Slots

Players often become emotional when they experience a losing streak. You might begin to think irrationally and blame anyone who seems liable. It is the normal behavior of the human mind. It is on such occasions that you will hear phrases like, all Netent games are rigged and replace Netent games for other companies.

In most cases, these are false accusations. Before a company is given an operating license, it has to meet all the irreducible minimums and consumer protection requirements. Netent is not an exception. It has all the required consumer protection measures. It also undergoes a periodic audit that ensures it abides by industry rules and regulations.

Losing is Part of the Game

Gambling is a game of chance. Your historical data does not guarantee future success. It is with this logic that you should prepare for a loss at some point in your gaming career. Loss comes earlier to some players than it does to others. Nonetheless, it is crucial to plan for it beforehand.

When the loss is sustained for an extended period, you need to interrogate it further, before making conclusions. In most cases, you might be the cause of the losing streak because of emotional instability and irrational thought process. Conducting a thorough analysis will help you understand the real reason for your loss in the game.


Try Free Games First

Before committing yourself to the services of Netent, it is essential for you to try the free games offered by Netent. Free games will help you learn how Netent operates. You will have an insight into how the services are provided, the cost stakes involved, and the method of receiving payouts among others.

Once you have this knowledge, you will be able to tell if there is a slight change by the service provider that might increase your chances of losing consistently. However, you need to be objective not to confuse issues arising from your emotional bias with Netent's inability to provide a safe space for you to play.

Reasons Why Netent Is Not Rigged

Netent is available in different countries with different jurisprudence. These countries are USA, UK, Ukraine, Poland, Malta, Gibraltar, and Sweden. It has been licensed by different licensing authorities depending on location. In the UK, Netent is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (GC) while in Spain; it has been licensed by the La Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (DGOJ).

Each of these countries carries out a regular assessment to ascertain the adherence of Netent to local laws. If the company passes the assessment, it is allowed to continue offering their services. If it fails, the relevant authority bars it from offering its services. With these measures, it is virtually impossible for the company to rig their slots.